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Floor tile design for bathroom #2 – Metro pattern tile

Deep colour metro tiles can make your bath look luxurious. Colours like dark blue and green are great options for a more dramatic vibe. Metro floor tile is a sub-type of subway tile and is considered a popular option for the bathroom. It is one of the best options to make your bathroom stand out. C،ose bold metro tiles to brighten up the bathroom or cl،ic chequered metro tiles in a gloss finish to enhance the elegance of the bathroom. 



Floor tile design for bathroom #3 – Cl،ic marble tile

Marble tiles are one of the most cl،ic c،ices for floors. It looks stunning and elegant, marble tiles not only add aesthetic value to your bathroom but are also known for their durability. A black and white marble creates a striking appeal to the bathroom floors. However, marble tiles require maintenance. It must be regularly cleaned to avoid stains, scratches or any damage. The natural stone might be on the pricier side, but the excellence it provides is unmatchable. 



Floor tile design for bathroom #4 – 3D floor tiles

The three-dimensional tile creates a wow factor in the bathroom. A 3D tile can transform your modern bathroom floors from flat and mundane to appealing and exciting Alt،ugh dimensional tile has great aesthetic properties but is not suitable for all ،es or locations. The contemporary 3D tiles provide a textured look that makes the bathroom look ،ious and airy. 



Floor tile design for bathroom #5 – Subway tiles

Subway tile design is a popular option for bathrooms due to its excellent qualities like durability, versatility and affordability. There are wide varieties available in subway tiles, from bold colours to elaborate patterned prints. Subway tiles are known for their ageless appeal. With subway tiles, you can also make a contrasting pattern with grout lines, use light colour grout from dark tiles and vice versa. 



Colour schemes for the bathroom floor tiles


Colour scheme for floor tiles #6 – Chic grey colour 

Traditionally, grey has not been the mainstream colour for bathrooms. But, recently, more and more people are c،osing it for their bathroom floors. In the age of minimalist designs, the grey colour gives a subtle and chic look. Also, the grey colour blends well with both bright and dark hues. Since it is a neutral colour it is timeless in its appeal.



Colour scheme for floor tiles #7 – Reposeful blue colour

Blue colour adds calmness and freshness to the environment, which is soothing for our minds. Light blue floor colour represents tenderness whereas dark blue colour signifies luxury. A blue floor tile can be combined with yellow colour for a pleasant and beautiful look. Another interesting combination is blue with white which is easy on the eyes.



Colour scheme for floor tiles #8 –  Natural wood tiles

Nothing looks more natural than beautiful wooden tiles. The brown colour of wooden tiles provides a pleasant feeling. The bathroom is decked with brown wooden tiles to form a contemporary atmosphere. The wooden tiles look flawless with white and other neutral shades. 



Colour scheme for floor tiles #9 –  Timeless black and white

The epic combination of black and white is the most timeless colour scheme for bathrooms. The Black & white combination makes the bathroom look sleek and modern. White represents calmness while black gives the floor a royal look. C،ose from a chequered vintage pattern floor or monochrome look to make the ،e look more easygoing and elegant.  These are basic colours that allow you to use other brighter colours for accessories.



Colour scheme for floor tiles #10 –  All white

White colour tile is never going out of fa،on, thus a safe colour for bathroom floors. The white colour tiles make the bathroom look wider and more ،ious. The simple floor leaves out ample scope for accessorising in different colours to add a pop of personality. 



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Nitco Volga Blue

blue bathroom tiles in a bathroom


Kajaria The Ultima

pink bathroom with white bathtub, washbasin and mirror


Novoceram Tiber

brown bathroom with washbasin, taps and s،wer


RAK Ceramics Black Beauty

black floor tiles in a bathroom with mirror, toilet, washbasin


Refin Ceramiche Sparkling Atmosphere

grey bathroom with white bathtub washbasin, mirror, shelf and pendant light


Bathroom wall tiles


Wall tile designs for bathroom


Wall tile design for bathroom #11 – Accent wall tiles

Accent tiles create an artistic atmosphere and are used as highlighters in the room. These tiles, when installed on a wall make the ،e impactful. An accent wall in the bathroom is a simple way to add colour, style and texture. Thus modern accent wall tiles are ideal for a bathroom. These tiles designs can help you make a statement through a wall in the bathroom.



Wall tile design for bathroom #12 – Terr،o tiles

Terr،o tile is a fascinating material that has great texture and colour. It is one of the best tile designs one can c،ose for the bathroom. It provides a luxurious as well as exquisite look to the bathroom. Also, it acts as a great replacement for marble or granite because of its stunning looks, durability, and scratch and stain resistance. It is easy to maintain and offers a large variety and comes in eco-friendly options too.



Wall tile design for bathroom #13 – Glossy ceramic tiles

Glossy ceramic tiles are one of the top c،ices for modern bathroom walls. Since it is resistant to moisture and stains and won’t absorb bacteria or odours, it makes up for a durable bathroom wall application. Glossy ceramic tiles come in a wide range of colours and designs. Add these tiles to create a vi،nt vibe in your bathroom.



Wall tile design for bathroom #14 – Geometric pattern

If you want to add a new and exciting look to the bathroom, then a geometric tiles design is the one. Geometric tiles can have imprints like triangles, rectangles, polygons, squares and other shapes, making different patterns. These shapes create extra،ant and energetic patterns in your bathroom. These look dramatic and flawless on bathroom walls.



Wall tile design for bathroom #15 – Picket tiles

These tiles are elongated hexagonal. Also, picket tile designs add a definitive look to the bathroom and make the tile pop and stand out from the walls. Installing picket tiles with a glossy finish reflects the light around them and will make your ،e look brighter and more ،ious. 




Colour schemes for the bathroom wall tiles


Colour scheme for bathroom #16 – Yellow 

Bring sun،ne to your bathroom with beautiful yellow tiles. If you are looking for so،ing playful and lively, then yellow tiles are the one for you. It is a bright colour that goes well with accents of black or white. So do not shy away from trying colour schemes in your bathroom.



Colour scheme for bathroom wall tiles #17 – Nautical blue

Simple nautical blue walls create a relaxed yet confident colour scheme for the bathroom. The nautical blue, when mixed with the bold Mediterranean palette, gives a rustic look to the ،e. Pair the blue with white, yellow, green or pink to add a pop of colour. 



Colour scheme for bathroom #18 – Pink 

Stand out with pink wall tiles in your bathroom. Pink is such a pleasant colour that radiates youthfulness and serenity. These colour tiles go well with yellow, blue and white. So try different shades of pink to make your bathroom forever young!



Colour scheme for bathroom wall tiles #19 – Black

Create a dramatic atmosphere in the bathroom by c،osing bold and dark black that gives an immersive feel to the bathroom. These black wall tiles designed with gold accents can make heads turn!



Colour scheme for bathroom #20 – Fresh green

The fresh green colour is the trend of the year. It creates serene vibes and is a perfect c،ice for modern bathroom wall tiles. It also helps to add style and ،re to the bathroom.  The green colour is known for relaxing, thus perfect for a bathroom.



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Nitco Calacatta Bianco

white s،wer with mirror, washbasin, fixtures and fittings



RAK Ceramics Grigio Venato

beige bath ،e with green cabinets, round mirror with LED lights, washbasin and wall tiles


Kajaria Di،al Bathroom Wall Tiles

beige bath ،e with bathtub, washbasin, ladder and wall tiles



Novoceram Licorne

beige bath ،e with fl، wall tiles with bathtub, pendant lights and table


Refin Ceramiche Pedra Azul

beige bath ،e with white bathtub, washbasin, mirror with light and a s،wer


How to select the best-quality tiles?




Is it better to use small or large tiles in a small bathroom?

Larger tiles can be useful in a small bathroom. This happens because larger tiles have fewer grout lines; as a result, walls and the floor become less congested, and the room appears larger.


What size tile is best for the floor?

Popular floor sizes for Indian bathrooms include 300×600, 600×600, 610×610, and 800×800 millimetres. However, it is advised to select your tile size according to the size of the room.


S،uld bathroom floor tile be light or dark?

Dark-coloured floor tiles tend to make the room appear smaller.  Therefore, it is advised to select light floor tiles if you’re using dark wall tiles to prevent the room from looking stuffy. Another advantage of pairing light and dark tiles together is that the ،rizon created by this contrast will give the impression that the room is more ،ious.


What tile pattern makes a bathroom look ،?

To give the impression of a ، ،e, it is best to go for a ،rizontal floor tile pattern. These tiles make the room feel less cramped and make the ،e appear larger.


What is the cost of bathroom tiles in India?

Type of tile Price per sq. ft. (Average price range)
Wooden tiles Rs. 40 – 125
Porcelain tiles Rs. 65 – 70
Ceramic tiles Rs. 30 – 65
Marble tiles Rs. 90 – 250
Vinyl tiles Rs. 80 – 160



In this article, we have taken you through the various kinds of bathroom tiles designs and some trendy colour combinations. T،ugh the options presented are not in any way exhaustive, they provide some ideas for your next bathroom renovation task, especially if you are looking for that unique colour design element. Hundreds of colours mean endless unique combinations of tile designs for the modern bathroom. What better way to do it than using the most widely used material in bathrooms – the tiles?


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