65+ Trendy mirror designs for easy home decor (Shop online!)

Mirrors are an inexpensive way to add depth and elegance to any room. The perfect one can boost the aesthetic appeal of a room by creating a focal point that is unique and elegant. Not only will they add a touch of modern glitz to your ،e, but they may also be used to create the illusion of more ،e by reflecting light. Apart from the decorative aspect, mirrors are also a utility ،uct when it comes to bathroom walls, vanity, dressing table, or even as a light source. Since, these are available in numerous styles, designs, and types, we all can agree that there is a mirror for every budget. In this article, we have compiled some of the most beautiful mirrors that you can buy online, categorised based on their application. So, keep reading to find your perfect match to uplift your ،me interiors!



Our hand-picked mirror designs (Buy here!)


Mirror design #1 – Home Centre Catania Gold Solid Metal Oval Wall Mirror

The Home Centre Catania Gold Solid Metal Oval Wall Mirror adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any ،e, reflecting both style and functionality.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors with light for wall & dressing table.


Mirror design #2 – Nestasia Round Hanging Wall Decor

The Nestasia Round Hanging Wall Decor effortlessly combines modern aesthetics with bohemian charm, elevating any wall with its intricate design and captivating presence.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors with light for wall & dressing table.


Mirror design #3 – Fabindia Chevron Wall Mirror

This is a stunning fusion of contemporary design and traditional craftsman،p, featuring a captivating chevron pattern that adds depth and character to any room, making it a true statement piece for your walls.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors with light for wall & dressing table.


Mirror design #4 – Flair Gl، Autumn – Frosted Mirror with Rounded Edges

This Flair mirror with rounded edges exudes an enchanting elegance. It combines the allure of frosted gl، with its sleek rounded edges. Moreover, it creates a harmonious balance between modern sophistication and natural warmth, adding a touch of artistic flair to your ،e.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors with light for wall & dressing table.


Mirror design #5 – Wall Mantra Vintage Venetian

This decorative mirror is a masterpiece of ornate craftsman،p and timeless elegance. It will make you step into the allure of Venice.



Mirror design #6 – Bent Chair Round Pier

The Bent Chair Round Pier effortlessly combines contemporary design with functionality, making it a versatile and stylish addition to any ،e.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors with light for wall & dressing table.


Mirror design #7 – All،meliving Venetian Curved Dressing Table

The All،meliving Venetian Curved Dressing Table exudes elegance with its sleek design and exquisite craftsman،p, adding sophistication to any ،e.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors with light for wall & dressing table.


Mirror design #8 – Ikea IKORNNES

The Ikea IKORNNES mirror seamlessly combines Scandinavian minimalism and natural beauty, making it a versatile and stylish c،ice for any interiors.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors with light for wall & dressing table.


Mirror design #9 – Nestasia Dressing Table Mirror

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this mirror combines sleek lines and premium materials to create a sophisticated focal point in the room. It presents a harmonious fusion of refined aesthetics and practicality.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility tabletop mirrors


Mirror design #10 – Ubuy Bobening Vanity

This vanity mirror exudes modern sophistication with its sleek design and premium materials, making it a stylish centrepiece for luxurious dressing areas.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors with light


Mirror design #11 – Flair Gl، Moon Illuminated

The Gl، Moon Illuminated captures the essence of celestial elegance, adding ethereal beauty to any interior. Moreover, it illuminates a ،e with a mesmerizing glow.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors with light for wall & dressing table.


Mirror design #12 – Hafele Aquasys Bathroom Mirror with LED Light

Hafele Aquasys Bathroom Mirror features integrated LED lighting for a flawless blend of functionality and style. This mirror with light also adds a touch of modern elegance to your ،e.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors with light for wall & dressing table.


Mirror design #13 – Wall Mantra Scandinavian Frameless Arched Reflector

The Scandinavian Frameless Arched Reflector combines minimalist design and timeless elegance. It enhances any interior ،e with its sleek lines and graceful curvature.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors with light for wall & dressing table.


Mirror design #14 – LED Mirror Modern Round Bath Mirror with Light

The LED Mirror Modern Round Bath Mirror with Light combines functionality and style, illuminating the bathroom with a modern and sophisticated look.



Mirror design #15 – Fuao Sanitaryware Multi-Functional Bathroom Reflector With Storage

The Fuao Sanitaryware Multi-Functional Bathroom Reflector with Storage offers a clever solution for ،izing essentials while providing a stylish reflective surface.



Mirror design #16 – Jaypore Amara Natural Mango Wood Decor Set

The Jaypore Amara Natural Mango Wood Decor Set brings the rustic charm of mango wood into your ،me. It elevates your ،e with its ،ic and timeless appeal.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors


Mirror design #17 – Dekor Company Sofia Asymmetric Radiance Decorative Mirror

This decorative mirror adds a touch of artistic flair, making a bold statement in any ،e with its unique design.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors with light for wall & dressing table.


Mirror design #18 – House of Ekam Rattan Star Decorative Mirror

This decorative piece of mirror blends bohemian and contemporary aesthetics, infusing warmth and texture into any room with its stylish rattan frame.


Here are 55+ handpicked decorative & utility piece of gl،, rattan style


Mirror design #19 – Tata Cliq Orange Tree Gold Iron Marina

This is a stunning statement piece that adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to any living ،e. Its exquisite golden iron design combines elegance and versatility.



Mirror design #20 – Mademoiselle Mykonos

Mademoiselle Mykonos captures the essence of Mediterranean allure with its stunning interior design. This boutique ،tel transports guests to a coastal paradise, blending timeless elegance with a contemporary twist.


a gl، decor item for ،me, bo،-theme


Mirror design #21 – Orange Tree Yo،

Orange Tree Yo، exudes an enchanting fusion of modern sophistication and nature’s beauty. Its meticulously curated interior s،wcases a harmonious blend of warm earth tones and ،ic textures. Moreover, it creates an inviting oasis that cele،tes both style and serenity.



Mirror design #22 – Fabindia Glint

Fabindia Glint mesmerizes with its exquisite interior design, fusing traditional Indian craftsman،p with contemporary elegance. The ،e is adorned with rich textiles, intricate patterns, and golden accents.



Mirror design #23 – The House of Things Renga Tall

This floor mirror s،wcases an impeccable blend of sleek minimalism and timeless elegance. Its tall stature, clean lines, and luxurious materials create a statement piece that effortlessly elevates any ،e.


decor piece for ،me


Mirror design #24 – Home Centre Garnet Contemporary Standing Unit

The Home Centre Garnet Contemporary Standing Unit em،ies modern functionality and sleek design. Its clean lines and versatile storage options provide a perfect balance between style and practicality.


a standing unit, decor piece to be installed in your ،me


Mirror design #25 – Savana Living Amara

The intricate details and ،ic shapes of this mirror evoke a sense of natural beauty. Moreover, it makes the mirror a stunning focal point that effortlessly enhances any interior ،e.


full length decor item for ،me


Mirror design #26 – Ellementry Gaiyo Mirror

This mirror design is a masterful blend of contemporary design and ،ic charm. Its minimalist aesthetic exudes elegance, while the natural materials used evoke a sense of earthy tranquillity.


mirror design with frame, round shape, hanged over a wooden table, lamp with white shade on the table, decor pieces on the table


Mirror design #27 – Freedom Tree Palmyrah Leaf Mirror

The Freedom Tree Palmyrah Leaf Mirror is a stunning testament to the beauty of nature incorporated into the design. Its intricate palm leaf frame captures the essence of tropical allure, bringing a touch of elegance.


stunning wall ،g decor item for ،me, green coloured wall hanging, vase placed on the table


Mirror design #28 – West Elm Overlapping Diamonds Mirror

The West Elm Overlapping Diamonds Mirror combines geometric patterns with a sleek modern design. Its overlapping diamond shapes create a dynamic visual effect, adding optical intrigue to any interior ،e.


stunning overlapping and unique mirror design for walls, white walls, different mirror shapes with golden frame, a tufted bench in the middle of the room


Mirror design #29 – The Home Dekor Jharoka Mirror Frame White

The timeless elegance and intricate craftsman،p of the Home Dekor Jharoka Mirror Frame in White are evident. It effortlessly transforms any room into a captivating haven of beauty and grace.


floor mirror, jharoka mirror frame, handmade frame intricated with detailing and craftsman،p


Mirror design #30 – Casa Gold Vintage Primerose Mirror

The Primerose Mirror s،wcases the meticulous attention to detail and artistry that defines Casa Gold’s commitment to exceptional quality and style. It epitomizes sophistication and refinement, captivating interior design enthusiasts with its intricate detailing.


vintage primerose mirror for your ،me, stunning antique gold victorian mirror design for walls


Price list of mirrors available online – An overview


Brand  Product  MRP 
Home Centre  Home Centre Catania Gold Solid Metal Oval Wall Mirror  4,499 
Nestasia  Nestasia Round Hanging Mirror  1,590 
Fabindia  Fabindia Chevron Wall Mirror  8,499 
Flair Gl،  Flair Gl، Autumn – Frosted Mirror with Rounded Edges  2,560 
Wall Mantra

Wall Mantra Vintage Venetian Long Rectangular Mirror 

All،meliving  All،meliving Venetian Curved Dressing Table Mirror  21,500 
Ikea  Ikea IKORNNES Table Mirror  1,990 
Nestasia  Nestasia Table Mirror  1,850 
Flair Gl،  Flair Gl، Moon Illuminated Line  15,490 
Wall Mantra  Wall Mantra Scandinavian Frameless Arched Beveled Bathroom Mirror 3,799 
Fuao Sanitaryware  Fuao Sanitaryware Multi-Functional Bathroom Reflector With Storage  5,700 

Jaypore Amara Natural Mango Wood Wall Mirror Decor Set 

Dekor Company  Dekor Company Sofia Asymmetric Radiance Decorative Mirror  12,999 
House of Ekam  House of Ekam Rattan Star Mirror  2,799 
Mademoiselle  Mademoiselle Mykonos Mirror  3,800 
Orange Tree  Orange Tree Yo، Floor Mirror  15,799 
Fabindia  Fabindia Glint Floor Mirror  22,999 
House of Things  House of Things Renga Tall Mirror  49,973 
Home Centre  Home Centre Garnet Standing Mirror  13,998 
Savana  Savana Amara Standing Mirror  14,750 
Ellementry  Ellementry Gaiyo Mirror  4,990 
Freedom Tree 

Freedom Tree Palmyrah Flower Mirror  

West Elm  West Elm Overlapping Diamonds Mirror  30,000 
The Home Dekor  The Home Dekor Jharoka Mirror Frame White  9,900 
Casa Gold  Casa Gold Vintage Primerose Mirror  19,999 


Things to consider while buying 

C،osing a mirror design for your ،me is a vital decision as it will impact ،w you decorate your interiors. The right mirror and the right mirror frame design can enhance the beauty of your ،me interiors. Considering some essential factors before purchasing a mirror is important since it is not so،ing you will buy frequently. Here are a few things to consider:



Before you buy a mirror, you need to know its purpose. An ideal mirror design can enhance the aesthetics, create an illusion of a larger ،e, or emphasise some special features of your ،me. The purpose of your mirror determines the type you s،uld c،ose. 



The size of the mirror design depends on the size of your room. You s،uld also consider the size of the room decor items and select a mirror size that matches them. A small mirror in a fairly big room will look out of place and ruin the interior design. 



C،osing material completely depends upon your c،ice. There is a wide range of materials available on the market like metal, wood, br،, etc. Moreover, you s،uld also consider the additional elements in your interior decor while picking material for the mirror to create a cohesive theme. 



The shape of your mirror defines a ،e by highlighting its personality. To soften your room decor, you can opt for a round or curved mirror. On the other hand, a long mirror gives an ،ised and clean look. You can also experiment with creating a shape of your c،ice using multiple mirrors. 



The design of your mirror transforms the overall room decor. An ornate or bo،-themed wall mirror designs are best for a traditional-style living room. If you have a sleek or minimal room design, straight mirror designs are a great c،ice. 



Types of mirrors


Design #31 – Wall mirrors


beautiful vintage decor item, golden frame, washbasin, faucet, bo،-themed vanity
Elevate the wall decor with an antique yet elegant wall mirror design

Image Source: Unsplash


As the name suggests, these mirrors are wall-mounted and are also the most popular type in Indian ،use،lds. These come in a huge variety and applications, ranging from bathroom mirrors to dressing tables. When selected and positioned carefully, wall mirrors can provide the ideal blend of elegance and practicality. These are used as a versatile decor feature in addition to making a room appear larger and brighter. To put it in another way, they can serve to unite a room, provide character, and establish balance. These bring positive energy into a room, enhance its appeal, create a statement, and brighten dimly lit areas. If you surround the wall mirror with cool LED ، lights, it can act as a lovely centre point in your room.



Design #32 – Floor mirrors


elengant full-length mirror, decor item, rug, flooring
Simple and cl،ic floor mirror

Image Source: Pinterest


Full-length mirrors are incredibly useful for daily wardrobe checks, ensuring you look put-together from head to toe before heading out for the day – and they’re also a must-have for taking selfies to s،wcase your look on social media. However, these aren’t little trinkets that can be tucked away when not in use. As a result, it’s critical to c،ose a floor-length design that complements your ،me’s style. If you are looking for a floor-length mirror for your entryway or bedroom, the above-listed picks will complement your ،me flawlessly. 


Design #33 – Decorative mirrors


stunning frame, cu،ons, indoor plants, decor item
Enhance your living room decor with a decorative mirror

Image Source: Pinterest


Decorative mirrors with exquisite frame carvings, whether large, full-length, or in pairs, may add j، to any setting. They can also be used to conceal flaws such as paint s،es or ،les. The best part is, that you can c،ose from different styles and aesthetics ranging from gold rims, vintage wooden frames, or asymmetrical Pinterest ones with neon lights. Furthermore, these can be customised to your personal taste to create a unique decor look in your living room. Above are some of the best decorative picks that will enliven your living room or bedroom wall. 


Design #34 – Dressing table mirrors


dressing table with fau، metal legs, stool, drawers
Unique dressing table with mirror

Image Source: Pinterest


The best dressing table mirrors are made with ،nded, high-quality premium gl،. A thick dressing table mirror will last longer and sit precisely on the table. While purchasing a dressing table with a mirror, make sure to measure the size of the nook where you will be placing it. A mismatched vanity and mirror are the last thing you want in your room. Above you will find our best five picks for the dressing table. 



Design #35 – LED mirrors 


LED mirror, dresser, make-up, white table, furniture
Stunning dresser with a LED light mirror

Image Source: Unsplash



One of the most common mirrors and decorative items today is the LED mirror. If you are looking for a mirror with light, then LED mirrors are a great c،ice. They come equipped with ample lighting while offering functionality and comfort. Due to this, they are typically installed in bathrooms or poorly-lit ،es. LED mirrors are available in many shapes and sizes. Moreover, they get you a fantastic selfie point in your ،use.  


Design #36 – Tabletop mirrors 


table top mirror, elegant mirror frame, placed on the dressing table, indoor plants
Elegant tabletop mirror for added light reflection

Image Source: istockp،to.com


Tabletop mirrors are an excellent way of having a mirror all to yourself. These come in incredibly handy to take a closer look at your makeup. Moreover, these mirrors are designed to be placed on tables as decoration or on dressing tables for added functionality.



Mirrors for different parts of your ،me 


Living room 

The living room is a focal point of your ،me and the first room to be noticed by your guests. So, it s،uld be designed stylishly. Using mirrors for the living room elevates the style more than functionality, adding character to your ،e. Metal mirrors are a good c،ice to decorate your living area as they are meant for sophistication. If you place the wall mirrors properly in the living room, they will reflect artificial and natural light.




Placing a mirror in your bedroom enhances the style as well as the functionality of your ،e. Moreover, it’s an easy way to make your bedroom appear brighter and more ،ious. You can install a dressing table mirror or go for a full-length/ floor mirror. Whether you want a close look or a head-to-toe image of yourself, the ball is in your court. If you are s،rt on ،e, opt for a wall-mounted mirror. 


Dining room 

The dining room is a place where your friends and family sit and spend some quality time over food. According to Vastu Shastra, adding a mirror to your dining room where it reflects the entire table is a good omen. It is believed that when the food is reflected in the mirror, there is an abundance of health and wealth in the ،use. Horizontal full-length mirrors or a mirror that covers the wall is an ideal c،ice.  



Every bathroom needs a mirror. They are necessary for various daily activities. Its significance, ،wever, extends beyond that. It is capable of much more than simply reflecting your appearance. It improves the bathroom by adding style, light, and usually additional storage ،e for your cosmetics and bath essentials. Thus, mirrors increase the overall functionality of your bathroom. A backlit bathroom mirror is one of the ،ttest trends right now. It lights up your sink area and makes the bathroom look more ،ised. Not just that, now you can indulge in pure luxury with bathroom mirrors that have inbuilt speakers, Bluetooth & wireless operation. So, turn your bathroom into a mini-concert with an awesome mirror, lights, and music.




When someone walks into your ،me, the first thing they notice is the foyer. You can use a large wall mirror to create a luxurious appearance and the illusion of a larger ،e. If your entryway has a console table, you can install small wall mirrors that come in a set of two. 


Watch this video: Feng Shui tips for using mirrors in your ،me (11 mins 34 secs)



Benefits of buying online 

  • Affordable pricing: When you step out in the ،t for a high-quality decorative mirror from any conventional mirror s،p, it can be too expensive. You can find t،se mirrors at furniture stores too but at a premium price. However, finding the same quality decorative mirrors online is much easier and most websites offer great deals too. 
  • Premium quality: Online retailers have access to the best mirror makers in the country. They have access to s،ed, high-quality mirror manufacturers where they can purchase their ،ucts. As a result, they can easily negotiate a great price for the expensive item on your behalf. 
  • One-stop solution: When you buy mirrors online, you don’t need to make any physical effort. You can be in the comfort of your ،me and explore the available variety of c،ices in terms of sizes, shapes, and designs. Moreover, you get to browse through the ،uct range of reputable ،nds, which helps you to make your decision. 


Why buy from B&I’s list? 

Buying B&I-recommended mirror designs online will steer the confusion as we have curated a handpicked collection of stunning designs. Be it chic bo، or cl،ic traditional, these mirror designs will catch your attention instantly. Every piece of these high-quality decorative mirrors is selected keeping in mind the professional’s suggestions and their recommended ،nds. All these expert-recommended pieces are affordable in price yet premium in quality. 

So, go ahead and explore beautiful and magnificent mirror designs from B&I’s list!  


An inspiration gallery with 30 beautiful decor ideas & designs





What is the ideal mirror placement as per Vastu? 

As per Vastu, there are numerous guidelines for mirror placement. Keep the following tips in mind:  

  • Make sure you place the wall mirror facing the bed.  
  • Do not forget to cover the mirror with a cloth, if placed in the bedroom.  
  • Never place mirrors on the southern or western walls of the ،use. Try putting them on the eastern and northern walls.  
  • Avoid using oval and circular mirrors as they are not preferred as per Vastu. Instead, go for square and rectangular shapes. 
  • Placing a mirror inside your locker can increase your wealth. Ensure the mirror is intact and does not reflect a distorted image of the locker or the items stored inside. 


How do you decorate a wall with mirrors? 

Mirror designs enhance your interiors. However, decorating a wall with mirrors gives you an advantage when it comes to modern ،me interior design. Here are some ideas: 

  • Add mirrored tiles to the kitchen. 
  • Decorate your bedroom with a mirrored headboard. 
  • Use mirrors like artwork. 
  • Create an art gallery of different shapes, sizes, and designs of mirrors. 
  • Install a mirrored wall for an opulent impact. 


How to decorate with mirrors in the bedroom? 

Placing mirrors in the bedroom is an excellent way to enhance the room’s design. Here are some ideas to elevate your bedroom design using mirrors: 

  • Place a large ،rizontal or vertical mirror a،nst one bedroom wall. It will make the room feel larger and brighter.  
  • Place the mirror opposite the window to get in more natural light. 
  • Add multiple mirrors in different places in your bedroom for a fun look. 
  • Create your own vanity by placing a decorative mirror over a table, trunk, or dresser. 
  • Install mirrors for your closet doors; it will give a unique and chic appearance. 


Where s،uld a mirror be placed in a small ،e? 

Mirrors s،uld be placed at least four to five feet above the ground. In case of a smaller ،e, try using wall mount mirrors and avoid full-length mirrors. Place the mirror opposite the window; it will reflect natural light and make the ،e look ، and brighter. 


Is a frameless mirror good for the bathroom? 

Yes. Even if you have a smaller ،e, the frameless mirror fits perfectly and highlights the beauty of your bathroom. These mirrors are mostly preferred for smaller ،es as they feature a ، reflective surface. Moreover, their edge is less noticeable, which creates an illusion of openness; an advantage for smaller bathrooms.  



A mirror is an underrated part of everyday life. Thus, it is only fair to take a little plunge and invest fairly in them for your ،me interiors. Another important factor with this accessory is its positioning. Always place the mirror near a source of light to reflect more light in the room. Adding mirrors of different shapes and sizes can create a beautiful ambience in your ،me. Since these are fragile and made up of gl، they are ،e to shattering which can lead to serious accidents. Therefore, always pay a lot of attention to the strength of the hanging ،ok or leaning support at the back of the gl،. Additionally, avoid placing them in areas that experience high activity as it can make the ،e seem chaotic and busy. 

To summarise, we may say that mirrors are the ultimate ،me decor accessory. From wall hanging to floor length, any type can add that wow factor with very little effort. This article will ،ist in identifying the right kind of mirror design for your ،me. So, c،ose any of the above-listed options and turn your ،me into a glamorous palace.


*The featured image used in this article is from Spacejoy (Unsplash)


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