20 Trendsetting Big & Small Celestial Tattoo Ideas to Try in 2024

How to c،ose the best celestial tattoo design for yourself? What does the celestial moon tattoo mean?

universe tattoo design

If you have always been a fan of the stars and exploring the skies above us, or think that the celestial beings have big plans in store for us all, then it might be time for a fresh tattoo design! I myself have always had a thing for astrology, and can hear the Moon and her infinite wisdom, so a minimalist crescent shape on my ankle may be my new trinket to kick off summer 2024! Whether so،ing big or small, here are 20 trendsetting celestial tattoo ideas to try this year.

Trendsetting Big & Small Celestial Tattoo Ideas to Try in 2024

celestial beings arm tattoo idea 2024

When it comes to meanings, the celestial tattoo can have various, depending on which elements you c،ose. Here are a few examples:

  • The Sun tattoo can represent the self and vitality.
  • The Moon tattoo can mean emotion and intuition.
  • The Sun & Moon tattoo design can symbolize the harmony of the two opposing forces.
  • Star tattoos call to guidance, ambition and navigation.
  • A Space/ Universe tattoo can symbolize curiosity, adventure and limitless possibilities.

Once you’ve found a meaning that speaks to you, take a look at these amazing celestial tattoo ideas and pick the ideal one for you!

The Sun & Moon Tattoo Design

personification of the sun and moon tattoo design

A whimsical design that will surely catch the eyes of many, get the Sun & Moon tattoo design to symbolize the harmony and love of the two powerful forces within you.

Celestial Tattoo Ideas Above the Chest

celestial tattoo ideas for females

Beautiful celestial tattoo design, perfect for summer. So،ing that is both minimalist and elegant, combining a mix of spiritual and cosmic. An above-the-chest placement looks very feminine, don’t you think?

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Celestial Tattoo Minimalist Stars on Arm

minimalist stars tattoo

A lot of people would love to get a tattoo, if it could just be so،ing small and symbolic, hidden away from most eyes. To guide you through the darkest of times, get this delicate stars tattoo on your arm. Optional both for men and women.

Mat،g Celestial Tattoo Idea

mat،g celestial tattoos

Looking for the perfect celestial tattoo design to match with your bestie? I am into astrology and my best friend studies Astronomy, so we can totally get this design right? I mean, the two are close enough? She would probably ، me.

More Inspiring Celestial Tattoo Ideas to Try in 2024

celestial tattoo sleeve design

Colorful celestial back tattoo design

colorful celestial back tattoo design

Minimalist ankle tattoo ideal for summer 2024

minimalist celestial ankle tattoo idea 2024

Dreamy Sun & Moon tattoo idea

sun and moon arm tattoo

Solar system tattoo done in a vintage style

solar system vintage tattoo design

A nod to The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy tattoo

Minimalist Moon, Sun and Star tattoo 

celestial tattoo minimalist sun moon and star

Geometric portal to the Cosmos

geometric celestial portal tattoo 2024

Moon phases tattoo for arm or leg

moon phases tattoo idea

Cool celestial snow globe tattoo idea

celestial snowglobe tattoo

Small universe tattoo design for men and women

small galaxy tattoo idea

Trendy intertwined Sun and Moon tattoo

connected sun and moon tattoo

Colorful Leo constellation tattoo

colorful leo constellation tattoo

Trendy celestial tattoo sleeve idea

celestial s،ulder tattoo idea

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