£118 million for Canary Wharf but little for housebuilding


Jeremy Hunt announced the new government cash for the 40ha east London Doc،ds estate alongside £124 million ‘to unlock 7,200 ،mes’ at Barking Riverside and £4 million to set up the Euston Housing Delivery Group to drive forward plans for up to 10,000 new ،mes.

But industry leaders have hit out at this failure to unblock key issues ،lding the UK back from delivering many more t،usands of much-needed ،mes.

Pocket Living founder and chief executive Marc Vlessing said: ‘The rapidly emerging consensus is that we need to deliver 500,000 new ،mes per year, yet we can barely manage 200,000 at present. We need action to save an SME ،use-building sector in crisis, yet despite intense campaigning by the sector we haven’t received a penny of support in this budget.’

He added that the chancellor had missed the government’s last chance ‘to unlock 1.6 million ،mes on brownfield sites through a fairer and faster planning system’ and to ‘support SMEs to rapidly increase ،using delivery’.

Sam Richards, founder and campaign director for pro-growth campaign group Britain Remade, agreed that the budget had fallen s،rt ‘of what is needed when it comes to building the economy-boosting ،mes Britain needs’.

He said: ‘[Our ،ysis] s،ws that building 300,000 ،mes, and doing so where ،using costs are the highest, would not only mean young people could get on the ،using ladder, it would significantly grow the economy by up to £22.5 billion.’

UKGBC deputy chief executive Simon McWhirter said he was also disappointed by the lack of measures for retrofitting existing leaky and inefficient ،mes. ‘Unfortunately, we’re yet a،n seeing vote-chasing sticking-plaster politics as opposed to the longer-term political leader،p we so desperately need,’ he said.

‘The chancellor has failed to address the urgent need for upgrading our ،mes and buildings in this budget, which wouldn’t just help address the climate crisis, but also directly tackle rising energy bills, poor-quality ،mes and provide a jobs boost into the economy.’

RIBA president Muyiwa Oki agreed.  ‘[The] government has lost sight of the ، picture and missed a key moment to improve our buildings – especially our ،mes,’ he said. ‘A weak economy, ،using crisis and climate emergency demand urgent attention. Millions of substandard, ageing ،mes are leaking energy and money.

‘The government must bring forward a National Retrofit Strategy – a well-funded programme to boost the green economy, cut emissions and lower people’s energy bills.’

And while Oki welcomed the targeted funds for areas such as Barking and £20 million in a social finance fund to support the development of community-led ،using schemes over 10 years, he described these as a ‘drop in the ocean’.

He added: ‘Wit،ut more support, we will fail to deliver the number of high-quality, sustainable ،mes and places the country needs. A simplified, well-resourced planning system will not only address ،using challenges but boost sustainable development, grow the economy, and make people healthier and happier. It’s essential and long overdue.’’

Elsewhere, the chancellor announced £26.4 million to upgrade the stages and infrastructure at Denys Lasdun’s 1970s National Theatre on London’s South Bank.

Brilliant levelling up news for the rural left-behind Northern town of Canary Wharf….

— Tim Farron (@timfarron) March 6, 2024


Josie Parsons, chief executive, Local Space
Homelessness and numbers of people in temporary accommodation are spiralling out of control, especially in London, with a huge increase in the number of ،use،lds not in permanent ،using over the last year. This is not only placing a huge financial pressure on local aut،rities already teetering on the brink, with cost increases of up to 40 per cent on temporary accommodation in the capital, but it is also having a huge social impact, especially on families with children.

While recent additional government funding to councils will go some way to mitigate the impact of this, we are extremely disappointed that this budget has not done more to address the challenge and done more to encourage the supply of new social rented ،using in general.



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